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In fact, you're known as the psychic sponge. This is because you have a high degree of empathy -- a capacity to literally feel someone else's pain and suffering.

11 Mind Blowing Characteristics Of People Born In March

You also have a deep yearning to help others heal from this pain. Your compassion runs deep. But don't forget to take time for yourself on your special day.

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A few hours in solitude to meditate on your intentions for the year ahead will do wonders for your sense of well-being. You can be so charitable that at times, you forget to draw healthy boundaries.

Pisces Dates: The Leap Year Bump

Get here the full astrology profile of someone born under March 26 Arietis and its neighboring constellations are Pisces to the West and. March 26 zodiac people are on the Pisces-Aries Cusp. This is the Cusp of Rebirth. Two planets, Neptune and Mars, supervise the lives of those.

Occasionally this can lead to others taking advantage of your kindness, mistaking it for weakness. But once you get a handle on this boundary situation, you're typically the model for the rest of us when it comes to unconditional love. If a loved one forgets your birthday, you're more likely than others to extend instant forgiveness.

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After all, this person has so much on their plate Easily bored and dissatisfied when relying on the efforts and opinions of others, they are usually the best judge of what does or does not work for them. In love, people born on March 26 Zodiac need to learn to be a little more gentle and spontaneous.

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The Pisces has a great many dates to choose from! The reason for the leap year is to reconcile the earth's orbit around the sun. Jupiter forms a trine to your Sun in November, and you have a stronger than usual desire to improve, grow, and learn. Birthday Horoscope March 28th Birthday Horoscope March 28th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on March 28th. Tags: aries astrology birthdays March birthdays March Madness personality traits pisces. At the root of this is a stronger taste for the unusual. Welcome to Everything-Birthday!

They are accustomed to having things their own way and being obeyed; this is not the way to create harmony in a relationship. However, once they do fall in love they are loyal, generous and supportive in both the good and the bad times. They may not have a large circle of friends, but the ones they do have are friends for life.

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People born on this day are good at self-diagnosis but when it comes to their health they should seek the advice of experts. Because they value simplicity they may feel bewildered if they find themselves suffering from depression or negativity, and again, instead of trying to work though these feelings alone, they should seek outside help and support. As far as sport is concerned, competitive, physically and mentally challenging activities, ranging from gymnastics to martial arts, appeal; they should, however, beware of injuries to the head.

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When it comes to diet, they should aim for consistency. As much as you love coming out on top, you love helping others succeed as well. Nothing makes you happier than using your connections or smarts to help further someone else's career, academics, or just about anything else. Basically, if they win, you win.

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You're a loyal friend and lover with a deep devotion to those you've dedicated yourself to. You'll defend them with all the tenacity of a ram, and like sensitive Pisces, you're always there when they need someone to talk to. Given that you're half-water sign and half-fire sign, your emotions tend to ricochet between extremes. The tiniest thing can ruin your day if you let it, but when you're happy, it's contagious.

People tend to describe you as "fun-loving," "happy-go-lucky," and "likeable," and you totally excel at first impressions.

18 Truths All Pisces-Aries Cusps Will Relate To

However, people don't always understand how emotional you are based on your first impression. While you're open about your feelings, it's not the very first thing you like to present. While your fiery Aries side fills you will intense passions, your pursuit of said passions often burns out quick. You have to feel accepted and admired pretty instantly if something β€” a relationship, a career field, etc. You tend to talk about how tough and sassy you are, but once someone gets mad at you, you immediately turn into a puppy with its tail between its legs.