March 28 horoscope sign aries or aries

Your Dog is in the Stars: Pet Personalities and Astrology

March 28 Zodiac

Read More: Here's which state you really belong in, based on your zodiac sign. The "Clueless" star as he will forever be known to us was born April 6. Read More: How you act when you're in love, based on your zodiac sign. Molly Thomson. Snapchat icon A ghost. Matthew Broderick. Scott Eastwood.

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Reese Witherspoon. Jessica Chastain. Elton John.

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Big Sean. Keira Knightley. Steven Tyler.

Aries Personality: March 21 - April 20 | HowStuffWorks

Mariah Carey. Lady Gaga.

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They tend to eat only when they want to. Be prepared for new challenges that are due to come up shortly. When you are well into your relationship, you are likely to show more compassion to your mate. A huge positive of having a dog with their sign in Leo is that they are the most loyal dogs in the zodiac. Even so, you're also making your own opportunities along career lines with a confident attitude.

Reba McEntire. Celine Dion.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Ewan McGregor. David Oyelowo. Eddie Murphy. Robert Downey Jr. Pharrell Williams. Paul Rudd. Zach Braff. Your unique planetary influence makes you the most dominant and aggressive of all the Aries Decans.


You are never satisfied with your current level of success and actively seek out new challenges to overcome. While this quality gives you limitless potential, it can become detrimental if you rush into things too hastily.

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Finding patience will be one of your most notable challenges, but it is one well-worth conquering. In love, find a partner that shares in your passion and energy, as this pairing will bring you the most excitement and happiness.

Top 12 Reasons Why Aries Is The Best Zodiac Sign

An Aries born on March 28 will be bubbly, excitable, and somewhat unpredictable. They can be argumentative, but never to the point where it diminishes their personal charm. These people are thoughtful, meditative, and spiritual. March 28 Birthday Horoscope.

Matthew Broderick

March 28 Zodiac Sign - Aries Being an Aries born on March 28th, your. Read the full astrology profile of someone born under March 28 zodiac, which presents the Aries sign, love compatibility & personality traits.